November 2014
If I could see the world around,
inside, out, up front,
behind the scenes,
no filters, no clout,
I’d flip and fall onto my face,
freak around on the ground, 
breaking all my bones at once
full soul epilepsy,
muddy water wallowing
in something way grimier than pain or joy,
typical satisfaction or disgust,
this is smooth raw shock dance,
realization of having claw hands,
tongue like a worm with teeth and butthole,
raw body flows gutting,
gutter slosh fluttering,
darting in and out at all tempos,
strange eyes watching deep from their zone sockets,
multi-soul-ular organism bathed in other/worldly tones,
hyperspectral rainbow sensing,
eco-illogical from my meek peek,
but inescapably real life, real like
tumors or people who love you
no matter what