Music Lessons for Creative Expression

I teach piano and keyboards as a form of play, for creative expression and self-reflection. Together, we'll dive into some deep music theory, but not in a conventional academic way. We'll explore by learning shapes and listening. Through improvisational games and jams, I'll help you cultivate your own intuitive sense of the patterns on the musical keyboard and the range of sounds and feelings they give us access to.

My lessons are not focused on performance, so we won't spend too much effort learning to mimic styles. Instead, we'll focus on gathering basic building blocks and tools for creative expression.

Some building blocks:

Some of our tools:

My lessons are 1 hour long and I can come to you. I'm looking for aspiring creative, motivated, students who are serious about music as a form of play. I work with students of all ages, and especially enjoy working with adults and self-motivated young people.

I'm also available to work with groups of two and three, and can offer special discounts for group sessions.

Okay! If you're interested, get in touch with me!! I sincerely look forward to hearing from you.