Skunk mist hiding fog

December 29, 2012
Little window to a world
I was in love with.
Astonished by her trees
and her sky and her breezes,
her sun, her ancient mysteries,
her mountains and her seas,
the wonder of her creatures,
I knew this one was deep as
good afternoon nap sleep,
apple cider sweet.

Night came.
I forgot about her sun.
looking out into the dark,
I became blind and deaf,
fighting amongst myself,
split, poor mental health,
convinced that I'd been dealt,
some awful, awful fate,
some deep blue hell.

So I went in my shell
protection from the elements,
frog/toad camouflage,
feeling up the elephant,
skunk mist hiding fog,
trynna get a grip of it.
Warm blankets in the dark,
dream rocket out of it.
Night time's long,
when's the dawn?
Night time's long,
when's the dawn?